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TitlePhotograph album
DescriptionThe two mounted styled photograph albums, which had their pages numbered across both albums, were put together by Patricia Anderson in 1974 and contain colour and black and white photographs, largely of D'Arcy with various individuals, covering a range of dates from early 20th Century up to 1970s. D'Arcy added slips of paper to most pages indicating the subjects of the photographs on that page though both the notes for pages 14-15 and 40 indicate that there should be a photograph of Wystan Auden with D'Arcy on those pages which are missing. There are no slips for pages 20 and 21.

The individuals in the photographs include Jane and Charles Engelhard; Michael Shrady; Pat Anderson; D'Arcy family photographs including Edmund Conyers D'Arcy SJ; Archbishop [Alban] Goodier [SJ]; Lord Oxford and Asquith; Sir Edwin Lutyens; Antoinette & Dermot Anthony Nee; Frederick and Maria Shrady; Katherine Asquith; Arnold Toynbee; Fr Francis Sweeney SJ; Fr James Hansen; Mgr John Sheridan; Mary and Juan Lacson; Henry John; John Norton; Kevin Robb; Fr Philip Conneally SJ; Maurice Baring; Marianne Eyles; Frances Fowler; Walter Starkie; Isabel & Barrett MacDonnell; Robert Langton Douglas; T Calnan; A Wiggin; H MacMillan; Tyrell; B Gurrin; N Campbell; Br Parker; J Bolland; H Irwin; F Mangan; I Scoles; J Paul; Leslie Walker; V Turner; J Woodlock; E Enright; E Vignaux; T Corbishley; L O'Hea; E Helsham; C C Martindale; H Mather; R de Trafford; David Knowles OSB; Mary Herbert; Wystan Auden; Paul Crane; Fr Bernard Lonergan; Alfred O'Rahilly; Rev N Talbot; Lieut H MacMillan; Lord Longford; Thomas & Michael Pakenham; Lawrence & Alicia Cavanagh; Bedford Davies; Clare Asquith; Auberon Herbert; Dominic Asquith; H S Hughes; A Koester; S M Lipset; C A Mace; Friedrich von Hügel; Ronald A Knox; Bishop Mostyn; William Augustus Anderson Junior; Michael, Maureen & Anne Mansfield; General Johnson; Vita Nicholson; Evelyn Waugh; Duke of Alba; Lady Horner; Mrs Audrey Hubert; Lord A D Lindsay; Bevan; Lady Cripps; Boothby; Charles & Tom Burns; Michael Trappes Lomax; Roger Venalles; Bill & Isabel Griffin; Sir D'Arcy Osborne; Fr Roggendorf; P de Lubac; Davina Ingrams & children; the Earl of Wicklow; Lord and Lady Eldon; Cayetana Alba's children; Clark family; Duke of Windsor; Wallis, Duchess of Windsor; Sisters of Marycrest; Gerard Hopkins SJ; Hugh & Veronica Fraser; Senator McCarthy; Dominique Fleischman; Fr Karl Schroeder; M Leahy; Mrs Maury; Donald O Hebb; W E Porter; Aldous Huxley; Thomas F Mullahey and Pope Paul VI.

The following are covered in the album: Laying foundation at Campion Hall, Oxford; Brandeis University Mass; sitting for portrait painting by John Norton; social gatherings during visits in United States of America; Oxford Reading Party at 'Sligger' Urquhart's Chalet (1913-1914) and Campion Hall rowing; Golden Jubilee of Campion Hall; Mount St Mary's College (July 1966); Loyola University (March 1969); in boat offshore Brea Grande, Florida (December 1968); Gonzaga University, Spokane; Campion Hall group during World War II; in Bishop of Winchester's garden (1914); Manor House, Mells; Georgian Societies cricket match in 1945 dress and with 1744 rules at Malahide Castle (1961); Control of the Mind Symposium, San Francisco Medical Centre (January 1961); General Congregation in Rome (1946) at Castel Gandolfo with Pope Pius XII; Beaumont (1906); Oxford Union's Presidential debate speakers (1936); Irish Province at St Mary's Hall; English Province at Milltown Park; Juniors at Villa (1909); Japan visit; Temple area, Jerusalem; [St Mary's Convent, Ascot (1947)]; Campion Hall, Brewer Street, Oxford; Opening of New Campion Hall (1936); Stonyhurst class (1917); Ordination at St Beuno's (1921); Pearl Harbour; On board RMS 'Queen Mary'; holding chalice made in Mexico by John Spencer; Mount St Mary's Masters; Georgetown University Television hour; Stonyhurst College Rhetoric group (1904-1905); Writer's Conference, Boston College (1963); Princeton (1954); SS America (June 1955) and the Vice President's room after giving opening prayer to the Senate.

The albums also contain a newspaper clipping 'In pursuit of Men's souls-Father D'Arcy visits hillsiders' by Pat Marlowe (1965), a Christmas card from Antonia and Hugh Fraser, a card from Pat Anderson, extract from 'Harper's Bazaar' (August 1958) of 'A Country Christening', clipping showing sculpture of D Martin Vazquez de Arce and a poster for the cricket match at Malahide Castel.

The photographs have been removed from their original packaging for preservation purposes as the albums were in a poor condition. The page number was added on the reverse to indicate the order of the photographs. There were also loose inserted photographs at the end of each album and these have been kept with the respective album and where these had been given numbers these have been recorded on the reverse. A few inserted photographs were removed as they were duplicates to those contained in the album.
AccessConditionsThe papers are available subject to the usual conditions of access to archive material in the Jesuits in Britain Archives.
DS/UK/350Trafford De; Robert (1887-1969); Jesuit Priest1887-1969
DS/UK/574Paul; Joseph (1881-1975); Jesuit Priest1881-1975
DS/UK/558O'Hea; Leo (1881-1976); Jesuit Priest1881-1976
DS/UK/557Martindale; Cyril (1879-1963); Jesuit Priest1879-1963
DS/UK/532Hopkins; Gerard Manley (1844-1889); Jesuit Priest1844-1889
DS/UK/521Helsham; Edward A (1891-1955); Jesuit Priest1891-1955
DS/UK/85Enright; Edward (1893-1962); Jesuit Priest1893-1962
DS/UK/807D'Arcy; Edmund Conyers (1885 - 1967); Jesuit Priest1885 - 1967
DS/UK/315Crane; Paul (1910-1997); Jesuit Priest1910-1997
DS/UK/300Corbishley; Thomas (1903-1976); Jesuit Priest1903-1976
DS/UK/183Bolland; Joseph (1882-1957); Jesuit Priest1882-1957
DS/UK/235Calnan; Thomas (1887-1969); Jesuit Priest1887-1969
DS/UK/567Asquith; Katherine Frances (1885-1976)1885-1976
DS/UK/585Asquith; Julian Edward George (1916-2011); 2nd Earl of Oxford and Asquith1916-2011
DS/UK/743Auden; Wystan Hugh (1907-1973)1907-1973
DS/UK/1061Baring; Maurice (1874-1945)1874-1945
DS/UK/1095Conneally; Philip (1914-2008); Jesuit Priest1914-2008
DS/UK/1108Douglas; Robert Langton (1861-1951)1861-1951
DS/UK/1115Engelhard; Charles William (1917-1971)1917-1971
DS/UK/1116Engelhard; Marie Antoinette Jeanne (1917-2004)1917-2004
DS/UK/1119Falcó; Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y (1878-1953); 17th Duke of Alba de Tormes1878-1953
DS/UK/1134Fraser; Hugh Charles Patrick Joseph (1918-1984); Major Sir1918-1984
DS/UK/1152Horner; Frances Jane (1845-1940); Lady1845-1940
DS/UK/1158Hügel; Friedrich von (1852-1925)1852-1925
DS/UK/1173Knox; Ronald Arbuthnott (1888-1957)1888-1957
DS/UK/1179Lutyens; Edwin Landseer (1869-1944); Sir1869-1944
DS/UK/1212Pakenham; Frank (1905-2001); 7th Earl of Longford1905-2001
DS/UK/1231Shrady; Maria Louise Likar-Waltersdorff (1924-2002)1924-2002
DS/UK/1232Shrady; Frederick Charles (1907-1990)1907-1990
DS/UK/1258Toynbee; Arnold Joseph (1889-1975)1889-1975
DS/UK/1267Waugh; Arthur Evelyn St John (1903-1966)1903-1966
DS/UK/1272West; Victoria Mary Sackville- (1892-1962); Lady Nicolson1892-1962

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