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TitleArchbishop Aston Chichester SJ (1879-1962)
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DescriptionThis SubFonds contains the personal papers of Aston Chichester (1879-1962), including correspondence, documents regarding his inheritance from his father, his baptism certificate and a newspaper clipping of his obituary.
Admin_HistoryAston Chichester SJ was born on the 22nd May 1879 in Ostend. His father was an officer of the Regular Army. He attended Mount St Mary's from the age of 10. On September 1897, after he had left school, he joined the Society. After completing his noviciate at Roehampton under Fr Considine, where he did a two years' juniorate, he began his studies in philosophy at St Mary's Hall in 1901, finishing in 1904. From 1904 to 1910, he taught at Wimbledon and went to St Beuno's for theology. On 21 September 1913, he was ordained and in the following year he went to Tullabeg for his tertianship. In 1915, he was sent to Wimbledon to be Prefect of Discipline of the reconstituted Army Department. On 15 August 1917, he was installed as the Rector of Wimbledon, staying in this position until 21 June 1921, when he was appointed Rector of Beaumont. From 1920-29 he was a Consultor of the Province.

In 1929, he was chosen to be the successor of Mgr Brown as Prefect Apostolic of Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia. In February of 1931, he was appointed the first Vicar Apostolic of Salisbury after Propaganda raised Salisbury to a Vicariate Apostolic. On 19 July he was consecrated Bishop in Salisbury Cathedral by the Apostolic Delegate in South Africa. In 1955 he became the first Archbishop of Salisbury and he was also the Titular Bishop of Ubaza. He was in attendance of the Second Vatican Council's first session as a Council Father. On the 24th October, 1962, he died after collapsing on the steps of St Peter's Basilica whilst attending the Council.
Related MaterialFor a letter to Archbishop Roberts regarding making arrangements for a meeting, 10 November 1948 see: H1C.
For a letter to 'Ashton' regarding the work he has done, 26 July 1958 see: H1C.
For a letter to Chichester from Buckingham Palace regarding the centenary of Beaumont College, [1926] see: PQ3.
For a leaflet on the Christian principles of war, written by Chichester, 11 January 940 see: BY9.
For a letter to Rev. V. Gallagher from Chichester regarding the Musami Mission, 1 September 1947 see: BY11.
For a letter to Mr and Mrs Collier from Chichester regarding the tuition fees of their sons, 12 July 1929 see: TS5.
For a letter to 'Fr. Provincial' from Fr. [William] Crofton regarding the sale of a school and mentioning Chichester, 16 May 1920 see: ST1.
For letters concerning income of Fr. Chichester's mother, 15 May 1929-28 May 1929, see: Blackett Letter Book vol. 17, ff 51-62.
For a letter to Morris Mills and Reeve from Fr. Joseph Blackett SJ where Fr. Chichester's residence is mentioned, 29 March 1933 see: Blackett Letter Book, vol. 19, f 346.
For a collage regarding the building of a church in Southern Rhodesia, which Aston Chichester and the Pope blessed in May 1939 see: BY/5.
For photographs of Archbishop Chichester see: ABSI/SJ/PH/192
For visitation records to St Aidan's College, South Africa see: ABSI/SA/1/5/1
For a draft lease of messuage and premises known as Aynhoe, Fr Aston Chichester to Mrs Anne E. Arbuthnott, 24 December 1918 see: ABSI/PC/2/2/3
For correspondence with Archbishop Thomas d'Esterre Roberts SJ see: ABSI/SJ/13/7/1
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DS/UK/69Chichester; Aston Ignatius (1879-1962); Roman Catholic Archbishop; Jesuit Priest1879-1962

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