Person NameKeary; William (1881-1958); Jesuit Priest
EpithetJesuit Priest
DatesAndPlacesBorn: 30 April 1881 in Woodford (Galway). Entered the Irish Province of the Society of Jesus 7 September 1899, transferred to the English Province August 1901. Ordained as a Roman Catholic priest: 26 July 1914. Final Vows in the Society of Jesus: 8 December 1954. Died: 3 February 1958 in Georgetown, former British Guiana.

ABSI/SJ/40/2Copy of notes on Our Lady
ABSI/SJ/40/3/9Prayers and explanations of the Creed
ABSI/SJ/40/3/2Ten Commandments in Wapishana
ABSI/SJ/40/3/13Wapishana grammar and dictionary
ABSI/SJ/40/3/8Makushi grammar
ABSI/SJ/40/3/4English-Makushi dictionary
ABSI/SJ/40/3/6Makushi grammar
ABSI/SJ/40/3/11Prayers and explanations of the Creed
ABSI/SJ/40/3/12English-Makushi dictionary and prayerbook
ABSI/SJ/40/3/10Prayers and explanations of the Creed
ABSI/SJ/40/3/15Typescript: prayers and Gospel stories in Makushi
ABSI/SJ/40/3/5Makushi-English dictionary
ABSI/SJ/40/3/14Manuscript draft of printed Wapishana grammar and dictionary [see SJ/40/3/13]
ABSI/SJ/40/3/7Makushi-English dictionary
ABSI/SJ/40/3/3Wapishana prayerbook and rough dictionary
ABSI/SJ/40/3/1Makushi-English dictionary
ABSI/SJ/40/1Copies of letters to his family, 1916-1949
ABSI/GUY/3/2/3Letters to Fr Superior
ABSI/GUY/3/2/2Letters to Fr Superior
ABSI/SJ/40Fr William Keary SJ (1881-1958)

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