Person NameMartindale; Cyril (1879-1963); Jesuit Priest
EpithetJesuit Priest
DatesAndPlacesBorn 25 May 1879 London. Entered the English Province of the Society of Jesus 7 September 1879. Ordained as a Roman Catholic priest 24 August 1911. Final Vows in the Society of Jesus 2 February 1914. Died 18 March 1963 Petworth (Sussex).

ABSI/WS/2/4/1Provincial Correspondence
ABSI/SJ/80/1/2New Zealand and Australia diary extracts
ABSI/SJ/80/1/1Feb-April 1926 diary extracts
ABSI/SJ/21/6/13/384C C Martindale SJ
ABSI/SJ/80/1/3Spain diary extracts
ABSI/SJ/80/3/7/7'For the Sisters of St Lioba'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/7/2Translation of H.A. Brorson's 'Her vil ties: her vil bies'
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ABSI/SJ/80/3/6'Princes of His People I - St. John Evangelist'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/5'A life of Mere Marie-Therese of the Daughters of the Cross'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/7/6'An Echo' or 'Freedom of Heart and Will'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/19Notes on the Areopagus
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/23'Working of Ekkel'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/29Transcript of 'Solomis fragmenta'
ABSI/SJ/80/10/1/6Watercolour painting of a water fountain
ABSI/SJ/80/3/23/2Note on St John of Kenty
ABSI/SJ/88/4/1/11Postcard from Fr Cyril Martindale SJ
ABSI/SJ/80/3/23/3Note on the anguish of life
ABSI/SJ/80/10/1/5Watercolour painting of a landscape at dusk
ABSI/SJ/80/5/22Report on 'The Aloysian Lectures'
ABSI/SJ/80/10/2/1A song called 'Love'
ABSI/SJ/80/1/4Denmark & early post-war years in Farm Street
ABSI/SJ/80/1/5Final years
ABSI/SJ/80/3/3/3Time chart of the Saints AD 100-1900
ABSI/SJ/80/3/4'Mrs Medd's Diary'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/1Notebook of tracings from British museum
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/20Notes on the influence of Delphi
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/21The Influence of Delphi down to the End of the Persian Wars'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/22The Consequences of Spartan Character & Institutions in Greek History down to the end of the Persian War'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/24Synopsis of Greek history in Sicily
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/25Notes on the development of aristocracy
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/26'Causes of the Peloponnesian War'
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ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/28Questions and transcript of a work by Aristotle
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/30Timeline of ancient Greece
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/31Notes on Athenian generals
ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/32Notes on the Battle of Salamis
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ABSI/SJ/80/3/9/34Miscellaneous notes on the Persian War
ABSI/SJ/80/3/11/112'The Holy Spirit of Love'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/14'Day and Night'
ABSI/SJ/80/3/15Short essays on God
ABSI/SJ/80/3/16Short essays on the [Blessed Virgin Mary], memory and the heart
ABSI/SJ/80/3/17Short essays on prophecy and the New Testament
ABSI/SJ/80/3/23/1Anniversaries diary
ABSI/SJ/80/10/2/3'Let All Creations Praise!'
ABSI/SJ/80Fr Cyril Martindale SJ (1879-1963)
ABSI/SJ/21/14/1Photograph album
ABSI/SJ/88/4/2/15Letter from Charles Russel & Co